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Vi erbjuder ett stort program av skräddarsydda industriella laminärflödesbänkar och kammare som är stora nog att gå in i, för till exempel läkemedels- och livsmedelsindustrin. Vi tillhandahåller en "design och bygg-lösning" för att kunna leverera speciella renlufts lösningar, med installation, uppdrag och valideringsservice. Vi arbetar med en framstående teknik när det gäller energibesparing och låg ljudnivå med EC-fläktar. Negativt tryck på omgivande filter förhindrar läckage från HEPA packningar.


SPU Laminair Down-Flow Units

The SPU modules are vertical laminar flow, free-standing modules, allowing walk-in access, which produces better than Class 100 unidirectional re-circulated air within the defined work area. HEPA filters provide full product, environment and operator protection in Class II type environment.

  • Elimination of cross-contamination risks
  • Laminator technology for true unidirectional air flow
  • Low noise level of <50dBA; low energy EC fans
  • No heat transmission to the room
  • Microprocessor controller with air-flow display, illumination control


SFM Laminair Ceiling Modules

The SFM units are designed for ceiling mounting and can be installed over large areas, a whole room, a specified zone or a mobile unit. With HEPA filter, pre-filter and EC fan, the SFM provides better than Class 100 laminar airflows with sterile conditions, product and operator protection.

  • Product and Operator protection
  • Pre Filter, HEPA filter & laminator giving unidirectional air flow
  • Cleanliness comparable to Class II cabinet
  • Low noise level of <50dBA, low energy EC fans
  • No heat transmission to the room

SCA Air Showers

SCA range of Air Showers are self contained booths, installed at the entrances of clean rooms and controlled environment areas and ensures the removal of surface deposited contaminants from personnel. Interlocking doors prevent unneccessary inflow or contaminants to booth and the clean room beyond.

  • High volume & High air velocity -3000m3h @ 35 m/sec
  • Electro-magnetic door interlock & Automatic light actuation with time delay
  • Internal control panel, elapsed time display & emergency stop
  • Energy saving EC digital fans with low noise level <55 dBA
  • 100% re-circulated air, with Pre-filter & HEPA filter

SC-Orion Class II with 100% Exhaust

The SC-ORION Class II with 100% exhaust (B2) is the ideal cabinet configuration for procedures which may involve work with the use of organic solvents, chemicals or acids. A "safe change filter" system makes the Orion the cabinet of choice for biological Support Facilities where cage-changing or bedding replacement operations are frequent.

  • Operator, product and environment protection
  • Low noise level, <55 dBA offering negligible audio disturbance
  • 100% exhaust, either ducted or re-circulated
  • Safe change filter system, allowing "disposal/bagging" whilst cabinet is operating
  • Bespoke options include: weighing table, integrated VDU's, temperature controlled work tops

SC-Mars Class II Cabinets

The range of SC-mars Class II cabinets have been developed for specific applications where both operator and product protection is paramount. The Mars-IVF models for assisted conception protocols, Mars-ISO for working with radioactive materials, and Mars-Combi which link two or more cabinets to form a large, single unit work station.

  • Designed and built for specific customer applications
  • All the attributes and protection of Class II laminair air flow
  • Wide range of options and accessories to suit the specific application
  • Re-circulating or ducted air options
  • Consultation, validation and installation service

SC-Minerva Cabinets

The SC Minerva Class III cabinets and enclosures give the ultimate protection for the operator, the samples and the environment. With total containment for all hazardous materials, the SC-Minerva is built and validated according to EN12469 for hazard groups 1 and 2.

  • Glove access ports with safe change facility
  • 100% air extract via HEPA filtration with true laminar flow
  • safety airlock/transfer hatch
  • Positive and negative pressure to the cabinet and transfer hatch
  • Bespoke options


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